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Reduce the charge for a call to foreign countries by more than 100000 yen- KL Trading Co.,Ltd.

Reduce the charge for a call to foreign countries by more than 100000 yen

KL Trading Co.,Ltd.

 CEO Mr. Junichi Kawano

Point of this example

  • This company often communicate with overseas bases by telephone.
  • To have reduced to charge for a call between bases by more than 100000 yen.
  • Never miss the important phone conversation by recording all conversation.

The date of publication:10/26/2015

About detail of business

Our business is the trading business of daily goods, facilities, machines and so on between Japan and China/Asia.

The ratio of exporting is larger now. That is because people in foreign countries like the products made in Japan The main bases are Dalian City and Shanghai City. I stay in foreign countries to work in most of a month, so I stay in Japan in about a week. Besides we help the company which would like to expand China/Asia from Japan as a consultant. There are many instances that company failed in business by the differences of business practices and law, so we give advices to the company based on our experiences to avoid that kind of failure.


What I was inspired to install MOT is that sales man of office 24  propose MOT to us.

I had heard about MOT from internet or news, but I had not known about MOT very much. We decided to install MOT to reduce the cost for a call There was no fear or anxiety before installing. In my opinion we never know until we try.

After installing

We often communicate with overseas by phone, so we have reduced the cost for a call by more than 100000 yen in a month.

The cost for a call in a month was about 150000 yen before installing. However the cost has been reduced to 20000 yen. Now the communication with overseas use extension call, so we communicate with oversea by phone without carrying about the time of call. The charge for a call between Japan and overseas offices is free even if I talk for more than an hour. Free messages&Call application is getting popular now, but I don' want to use the application for business. Beside in some countries that kind of application is not allowed to use. After installing MOT/PBX, all conversation recording device is install to our office. Of course it is necessary to document about contract or important business, but this device is so useful when I want to remember the past conversation on the phone.


In case of Office24, it provides all services from management to support.

Future development

Our business is getting bigger by doing daily business steadily, so I don't hope for many.  I will do as much as I can. All I need to do is doing my best.

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