HOT LINE function that call arrival is automatically selected.

Automate brokerage. Thinking telephone/Analysis incoming call

Reduce the burden of brokerage and waiting time.
MOT/PBX provides HOT LINE function that call arrival is selected automatically. HOT LINE function is the function that suitable representative receives call by referring to the customer telephone number and call history.  You can choose the call patter below. ※When the representative is absent, "Absent transfer" or "Group call" is selected.

01.Incoming call to the person who receives last time

The person who send or receives calls last time will receive the incoming call next time.

02. Automatically select the representative

Suitable representative is selected by analyzing the number of calls last a week. Set the first priority to third priority

03.Specify fixed representative

Specify the fixed call arrival of each customer number. Using HOT LINE function makes it unnecessary to have dial in number individually.

Other useful functions

MOT has other useful functions which makes business efficient.

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