IP-PBX which makes smart phone business phone

Call Center

Construction of small scale call center

Products:MOT/PBX M-V2、MOT/Mini-2

Base:3 bases

・Call center of Cable TV is entrusted to this companies which offices consist of 8 people

・There are other toll free objective area. And they have branches in those area, but the offices which deal with the inbound or outbound call are 1 or 99*9

・It takes so many cost for calls between other offices.

・It is so many cost to deal with toll free call which is received from other prefectures. ・Position of each telephones often moves. Wiring around the desk is complicated

・To reduce the cost for calls

・To make the movement of telephones easy


・Make extensions between all bases by PBX connection between call center and other bases without constructing a VPN. Additionally changing to IP telephone service leads to reduce the cost for a call which is received from other prefectures.

・Make telephone line and PC line unified by using SIP phone which is operated via LAN cable. As a result of that, the telephone is easily moved and the cable on the desk is tidy. And there is no cost for construction.

The charge for a call from call center to each bases is free by PBX connection. The charge for a call between bases is free.

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