IP-PBX which makes smart phone business phone

Telephone reception support (CTI)

The feature of CTI system

  • Display detail about customer information
    Display the customer information on PC which is in cloud.
  • Compatible with call center
    All conversation is recorded, so it is possible to install MOT into call center.
  • Compatible with the small base to the large base
    We have several type of MOT in accordance with the size of business.

The customer information is automatically displayed in receiving a call.

The customer information is automatically displayed on the PC in receiving a call. Customer's name, telephone number, address and FAX information are displayed on the screen. Accordingly person in charge of your company, the people who called last time and the talk time are also displayed.


The customer information is continuously displayed on the person's PC to whom someone transfer the call.


Description of each function of CTI

Display detail about customer information

The detail of the customer who is calling is displayed by coordinating with the data of customer information in MOT/Cloud. The list of detail which is about history of email, meeting and so on is displayed.

Phone book・call history・one click call function

It is possible to call by choosing the person from phone book or call history with a single click. It is also possible to transfer a call in holding it with a single click.

The other useful functions

MOT has the other useful functions which makes business  more efficient.

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