High security business chatting

「MOT/Cha」Business chatting

「MOT/Cha」 The feature of business chatting

  • High Security
    Preliminary registering. Encryption of chatting prevent information leaks.
  • Group/Simultaneous notification
    MOT/Cha makes it possible to contact with someone more quickly than emailing.
  • content search
    You can find the information which you need quickly by keyword search.
  • Device synchronization
    You can use "MOT/Cha" with iPhone, Android or WindowsPC.
  • The function that various file can be attached.
    It is possible to send picture, location, and more.
  • Sticker for business
    There are more than 300  types of stickers which can be used for business.

High security

The users of MOT/Cha must be registered in MOT/PBX, so third party can't use it, and the chatting is encrypted to use safely.


Group/Simultaneous notification

A group can be made by arbitrary group. It is possible to share the information in the division by MOT/Cha. And Sending simultaneous notification to all employees is possible. The difference from email is contacting with members mutually and sharing the information between the group members. And even the member who enter on the way can check all the information in the chatting.

Group/Simultaneous notification

Content search

It is possible to search for keyword phrase to get the information. Even if what you want to know is old information, you can get it by keyword search(※maximum 1,000 messages) And using optional "MOT/Cloud" makes it possible to search for keyword that all messages, attachments and files are included.

Device synchronization

It can be used with iPhone, Android or WindowsPC. When you logi in "MOT/Cha" with same account as other devices, the information is synchronized with all devices, so you can deal with the message seamlessly even if you are outside of the office.


The function that various file can be attached.

It is hard to understand complicated information with only text message,  you can understand it  easily by sending picture, Video, location and so on.

Camera・・・Take a picture with camera of smart phone and send it.

Picture・・・Send the picture which is in your gallery.

Video・・・Take a video with the camera of smart phone and send it.

Sticker・・・Sticker for business.

Location・・・send your location.

Voice message・・・Record your voice message and send it.


Sticker for business

It takes time to input the text message every time. Using sticker make it easier to reply. There are more than 300 types of sticker.


The other useful functions

MOT has the other useful functions which makes business  more efficient.

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