Make the charge for a call free by making extensions between branches

Make extensions between branches

How about making telephone efficiency improved by making extensions between branches?

Make extensions by installing MOT/PBX or MOT/Mini MN0408!
・One may see which clients is calling at a glance by telephone reception support system (CTI function) ・Put together telephone reception and tell the information to employees who go outside by email or chatting, so it is possible to reduce a mistake in communication ・It is possible to put telephone line into internet, so the number of line is reduced. ・It is possible to cut the cost for telephone. ・It is possible to put all fax data of branches into a certain place. ・In emergencies communication means like IP telephone or business chatting can be added as simple BCP

A call center is easily constructed.

It is possible to construct call center easily according to the size of office.
kyoten_02※Please check 「MOT/Bridge」 in case you use this function between more than 6 branches

Transfer the call to smart phone which employees bring outside.

As extension not only transfer between branches but also transfer to smart phone can be used. HOTLINE function makes it unnecessary to have dial in number individually.

Reduce the cost of telephone installation of brances

Business phone and FAX machine are not necessary any more.

01.Make extensions between all branches.

  • Example

    10 branches

    Main devices

    ・MOT/PBX M-V2 ×1 unit ・MOT/Mini MN0408 × 9 units ・MOT/Bridge ×1 unit ・SIP telephone× 10 units ・Make 100 units of smart phone extension
  • Estimate

    About $21667 (Construction cost is not included)


    1. Call all branches by extension call. 2. Transfer the call from client to any branches. 3. Make support system of IP/PBX improved and shorten the time which it takes to deal with the problem.

02.Construct a call center

  • Example

    30 branches

    Main devices

    ・MOT/PBX Pro ×1 unit ・MOT/Mini MN0408 × 29 units ・MOT/Bridge ×1 unit ・SIP telephone× 30 units ・Make 300 units of smart phone extensions
  • Estimate

    About $59334 (Construction cost is not  included)


    1. Reduce the expense of communication equipment in the branch where there are a few members. 2. Transfer the call from client to any branches. 3. All incoming calls for each branches are dealt with by call center. 4. All Fax data for each branches are dealt with by call center

The other useful functions

MOT has the other useful functions which makes business more efficient.

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