MOT/PBX makes smart phone extension. Receive and send FAX with your smartphone.

The feature of MOT/PBX

What is MOT?

This is IP-PBX that makes telephone and FAX unnecessary in the office.

MOT/PBX is IP-PBX which makes smart phone or PC business phone and Fax. The functions are Call forwarding and Virtual Fax. You can transfer the call to your smart phone for free, and you can receive and send Fax with your smart phone. Therefore business phone and Fax machine are not necessary in the office into which MOT/PBX is installed, and MOT/PBX makes it possible to cut cost.


Functions of MOT

Unified management of all communications

Installation of MOT/PBX makes it possible to manage unitarily communications via voice/FAX/internet/image. As a result of this management, each devices and each devices are cooperated. This cooperation improve efficiency of business and cut cost.

Schematic diagram


System configuration


Unified management of telephone and internet

MOT/PBX provides both telephone function and router function.

Business phone provides only voice message, but MOT/PBX provides both telephone system and router function.


No More Telephone Line

MOT/PBX is multifunction router. These days there are too many cables and devices in the office. However you can change this kind of environment by Installing MOT. Remove the cable which is unnecessary and and Integrate telephone line with Internet line.


Detail of MOT

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