Multi-OS server "MOT/Server" compatible with all conversation recording

Integration server (MOT/Server)

Multi-OS server compatible with all conversation recording 「MOT/Server」

MOT/Server is multi-OS server which can be simultaneously equipped with multiple server. It is possible to simultaneously accommodate the functions like FAX, file server, application server and so on. This feature makes it possible to save space. MOT/Server is the product excellent in maintenance which makes business efficient and save the installation cost.

The feature of MOT/Server

MOT/Server can be equipped with three servers. MOT/PBX is basically necessary, so you can choose other 2 servers in accordance what you need.

Server 1 Basic server

Telephone controller server(MOT/PBX, all conversation recording)
Our IP-PBX is basically equipped with all conversation recording function.
IP-PBX(MOT/PBX) and all conversation recording function is recorded. Smart phone is substitute for business phone. MOT/Server is coordinate with FAX・Video telephone・intercom・network camera. Additionally it is equipped with all conversation recording function.

Server 2〜3 Choose 2 servers from three servers below

File server
Back up of large capacity data of 2TB
MOT/Server is equipped with Linux based Hard Disk of 2TB  Linux, so it is possible not only to share the file in the company but also to back up important data.

Application server
Manage business application with a unit
MOT/Server is equipped with WindowsServer2012. You can use MOT/Server as business application provided by OFFICE24, ERP package, their own Web server or ASP server.

SIP server to connect to multiple branches(MOT/Bridge)
To connect to more than 6 branches
The limitation of extension connection between branches of MOT/PBX M-V2(M-V2+B) and MOT/Mini is maximum 5 branches.  Installing MOT/Bridge makes the limitation up to 30 branches.

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