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Call Center

Construction of large scale call center Major bank

Products:MOT/PRO-2、MOT/PRI-5 Base:1


・Each offices of this bank deal with not only daily business operation but also inquiry. ・This situation interfere with daily business operation, so Major bank considers constructing call center.


・The call center which the bank considers constructing is Large scale call center with 100 employees, so the cost for construction is high. ・The server which control outside line and CTI system is necessary.


・To construct call center at low cost ・This bank want the server which control both outside line and CTI system by itself.


・MOT/PRO control both outside line and CTI system. ・Office24 provide this major bank with all services. As a result of that the cost is reduced.


Office24 support our client before and after installing by ourselves. Construction of call center makes daily business operation improved.

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