MOT/Hotel Phone

Managing Housekeeping is easy with

MOT/Hotel Lite

Use Smartphone/Tablet for communication between front desk and cleaning staff


MOT/Hotel Lite is information sharing platform allowing front desk and housekeeping staff to share room status using smartphone/tablet/room indicator.



【1】Real-Time monitoring of room cleaning

No more phone calls or special device needed to communicate guest check-out or cleaning report.  Able to keep track of room status in Real-Time.

【2】Make series of status report with simple operation

Able to monitor room status including check-out, type of cleaning (stay, out), started to clean, finished cleaning. Cleaning staff use smartphone/tablet and manager uses PC with room indicator to view the latest status of each rooms. Also by selecting fixed phrases, simple reporting can be made

【3】Use number of account you need (cost optimization)

Subscription is per 1 account. Use number of account you really need. Keep monthly payment low.
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Use image of MOT/Hotel Lite

MOT/Hotel Lite
Housekeeping management system for Hotels

No more phone calls or special device needed to communicate guest check-out or cleaning status report. Keep track of room status in Real-Time. 利用イメージ

For Cleaning Staff
Smartphone/Tablet Display

Each cleaning staff can check room status using their smartphone app change/update cleaning status.
Log-in is protected by ID and Password.
Cloud base service allows log-in anytime from anywhere.
Display each floor so no need to scroll page to find the room.
③Guest Room Status
Status of each guest room can be monitored by its color and description.
④Status Change
Change status with single touch.
Leave comment to share information with others.

For Front/Housekeeping
Room indicator display

View from PC terminal at Front/Back Office
Change status,create memo on each room and monitor status of whole facility in single view

Room Indicator display whole building

フロント・ハウスキーピング側 画面 Click for bigger image
  • Show or change status
    Vacant, Check-in, Check-out, Cleaning, Cleaned
  • Create or delete memo per room

Room Indicator display per floor

フロント・ハウスキーピング側 画面 Click for bigger image

Compatible Device







Feature List


Room Indicator

Able to update and share latest check-out and cleaning status with front staff and other cleaning staff real-time. Status is shown in a list making it easy to see all the rooms.



Able to use smartphone as an extension. All smartphone (iPhone/Android) with MOT/Hotel Lite installed can make extension calls to one another from anywhere.


Phone Book

Show all pre-registered internal extentions so no need for users to remember everyone's extensions.


Call History

Call history of internal calls made using MOT/Hotel Lite is displayed for confirmation.


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