MOT/Hotel Phone
Guest Room Tablet

Tablet/Smartphone as telephone

Specially designed for Hotels use.

Support English, Chinese and Japanese.

  • Multiple
  • Call
  • Floor
  • External
  • etc..
MOT/Hotel Phone
Guest Room Tablet

Guest Room Phone

Hotel Phone System

SmartPhone & Tablet

Replaces under utilized telephones in hotel rooms.

  • Phone
    Related services
  • Information
  • Messaging
  • Travel
MOT/Hotel Phone
MOT/Hotel Phone

Introduction to MOT/Hotel Phone

PBX based communication system is specially designed for Hotels use. It replaces under utilized telephones in hotel rooms and offer new and valuable service to hotel guests.

Tablet Multiple Language Support

MOT/Hotel Phone Features

  1. Use Tablet/Smartphone as telephone.
  2. Provide latest hotel guide and amenity information. No more paper brochures.
  3. Multiple Language support. (English, Japanese, Chinese)
  4. Expandable application that can be installed to Smartphone and stationary Tablet.
  5. Special application for Hotel Staff.

PBX System Configuration

【Old Telephone System】

【Old Telephone System】Before

【Hotel Telephone System】

【MOT/Hotel Telephone System】After

Current Customer

Rockwood Hotel & Spa

Rockwood Hotel & Spa Aomori Japan

Court Hotel Shinyokohama

Court Hotel Shinyokohama Yokohama Japan

Maruko Hotel

Maruko Hotel Kumamoto Japan

Nojiriko Hotel El Bosco

Nojiriko Hotel El Bosco Nagano Japan


HOTEL AILE Beppu Japan


Hotel Ethnography Kyoto Japan

Place Tablet in place of conventional hotel telephone

make telephone call, set wakeup call, check hotel guide, etc

Place Tablet in place of conventional hotel telephone

Support English, Chinese and Japanese


Guest Room

  • Call Front Desk
  • Phone Call
  • Alarm
  • Floor Guide
  • Tourist Guide
  • Notice
  • Multilingual Translation
  • Calling Taxi
  • Billing

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Guest Room Phone
Guest Room Phone

Hotel Staff

  1. Shared Contact
  2. Chat
  3. Interpretation
  4. Punch In/Out
  5. Paperless FAX
  6. Multi Location System
  7. CTI
  8. PMS/Accounting System Link (※)

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