MOT/Hotel Phone

Guest Room Tablet

This server based communication system is specially designed for Hotels use. It replaces under utilized telephones in hotel rooms and offer new and valuable service to hotel guests.

Guest Room

Merits for Hotel Guest

No more paper pamphlets.  Save time and Cut cost

【1】 No more paper pamphlets. Save time and Cut cost

Display Hotel guide and guest messages to the room tablet or guest's smartphone. Save time and cost of print and distributing the materials to each rooms. Easy and immediate information update makes it ideal for event and campaign promotion and announcement. Also with Multiple language support (English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean) oversea guests has easy access to Hotel information for improved service without having to print material in each languages.

Multi-function Tablet

【2】 Multi-function Tablet

Room Tablet or guest's smartphone can be used as a hotel phone to make room to room or outgoing calls with one touch dialing to front desk and facility reservation. By removing traditional telephone system more of MOT/Hotel Phone unique features can be used. With MOT/Hotel Phone, in case of emergency, hotel can reach guests by internal call or message notification even when they are out of their room. Also when guest are lost in the city, guest can make internal call to hotel to get assistance.

Mobile App On the Go

【3】 Mobile App On the Go

By installing app, guests can use their smartphone to make hotel calls and access useful features. Tour guide and translation service can be used by foreign guest in the city taking taxi and visiting restaurants trying to communicate. Way to solve language issue can be great service to guests from overseas.

Supporting Device

Using Smartphone App

Hotel guests can use their Smartphone as hotel phone during their stay.
After check-out, app can be used to see/receive latest hotel information.
Scan Barcode at Hotel Front to install HotelPhone App.
Register/modify night of stay, link phone number and room number.
  • Call Front Desk
  • Wakeup Call
  • Phone Calls
  • Hotel Guide
  • Message
③Out of Hotel
Use as hotel phone. Call hotel for reservation / service or use as emergency phone.
Out of Hotel
  • Tourist Information
  • Translation Service
  • Phone Calls
  • Reserve Taxi
④After Check-Out
Use Hotel Phone app to receiving hotel campaign info. or to call friends. (Hotel Phone user)
After Check-Out
  • Hotel Info
  • Internal Call

Some of the features are provided after updating of application in the future.

Features for Hotel Guest

Calling Front Desk / Outgoing/External Phone Call

Calling Front Desk / Outgoing/External Phone Call

  • Click to call Front Desk.
  • Make outgoing call from each guest room. (can be restricted by choice)
  • External call logs and charges can be monitored through cloud server.
Multilingual Call(Translation Service)

Multilingual Support(Translation Service)

  • No contract required with translation company. (no initial or monthly fee)
  • Pay for time used. (180yen/min.)
  • Bill guest for service used during their check out.
  • ※ may require additional fee if custom interconnection with Hotel Management System (PMS) is required.
Tourist Guide

Tourist Guide

  • Show embedded content or link to external website for additional information.


  • Request room cleaning even from outside the hotel.
Floor Guide

Hotel Guide

  • Hotel facility guide and floor map. Replace conventional paper brochure.


  • Alarm feature. Decrease use of wake-up call. Less burden on hotel operation.


  • Show billing information so the guests are aware of their latest balance.


  • Notifying or showing various messages from the hotel.
      (ex: welcome message, breakfast/dinner time notification, promotional message to increase souvenir sales and option services)

Calling Taxi

  • Click to reserve a taxi.
  • Select time and date and click [Reserve]. Request will be sent to front desk automatically.

Up Coming Feature

Smart Key

Smart Key

  • Opens Guest room using Smartphone.


  • Receive coupons for hotel restaurants and near-by stores.
Trip Record

Trip Record

  • Keep travel diary by keeping track of place of visit and photo.